See How Backlinks Affect Your Search Visibility and Traffic

Easily monitor your backlink campaigns and their effect on your search visibility with Nightwatch backlink tracker

Backlink Tracking Dashboard

Automatic Discovery

Get new and lost backlink updates automatically.

Powerful Segmentation

Customize and adjust segments for your backlinks.

Rich Data

Observe data from other major SEO services.

Automatic Backlink Monitoring and Notifications

Get regular updates on all the newly discovered and lost backlinks with our smart notifications.

Using multiple external tracking APIs and our own crawlers Nightwatch ensures the most up-to-date and accurate data on all backlinks pointing to your sites.

Backlink Notifications in Nightwatch

Your Backlink Portfolio at a Glance

  • 1

    Total backlinks

    See historical total number of backlinks and the change

  • 2

    Diversity info

    See number of referring domains, IPs and subnets

  • 3

    Filters & Segments

    Filter and backlinks by their characteristics

Nightwatch Backlink Dashboard Overview
  • 4

    Backlink Quality

    See your backlink quality distribution

  • 5

    New and Lost

    See new and lost backlinks and their historical representation

  • 6

    Backlink List

    See individual backlinks and their statuses

Comprehensive Data & Segmentation

With Nightwatch’s powerful aggregating and segmentation abilities you can easily filter and segment backlinks by their characteristics — for example, see trends on only high quality backlinks pointing to a certain subpage.

Nightwatch will collect all the important SEO data (domain and page authority) of sites that are pointing to yours. Why pay for other services when you can access everything in Nightwatch?

Backlink Segmentation in Nightwatch

Expert-Level Features

Features you need for taking your SEO to the next level

Manual Importing

Import backlinks automatically or manually.

On-going Monitoring

Know a live status of each backlink ever discovered.

Exporting Backlinks

Export backlinks in a CSV or disavow format.

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