SEO Software for Control Freaks

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    Search Visibility Metrics

    See search performance of your site

  • 2

    Trends Overview

    See the most important changes on your site

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    Segments & Graphs

    Access custom keyword segments and graphs

Nightwatch Search Visibility Tracker SEO Dashboard
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    Get notified on important changes on your site

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    Keyword Discovery & Competitors

    See automatic keyword suggestions for growth

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    Keyword Lists

    See performance of particular keywords

Keyword Segmentation

Laser-focus on different keyword characteristics.

Sophisticated Visualization

Illuminate visualizations of your site search performance.

Intelligent Tracking

Clear the path to predict your growth and conquer your competitors.

All-in-one control dashboard for scaling your company's search visibility

Make smart decisions with data we crunch for you daily:

  1. Keyword and website ranking data
  2. Adwords advertising statistics
  3. Google Analytics data
  4. Search Console data
  5. Competitor's ranking insights
Keyword List in Nightwatch
  • 1. Bulk Actions

    Save time by managing volume of keywords efficiently

  • 2. Advanced Filters

    Easily filter keywords by their characteristics

  • 3. Column Customization

    Adjust the displayed data to your needs

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Google Analytics Search Console Adwords

Nightwatch Helps You to Answer the Important Questions for Your Business and Clients:

  • Is your website stagnating or growing?
  • Is your site growing with a steady and healthy speed or too slowly?
  • How are search engines seeing and ranking your site and indexed pages?
  • Which of your competitors is doing best?
  • Which segment of your keywords is performing best?
  • Which keywords are bringing you the most traffic?
  • Which pages should be optimized to get more traffic?
  • Which segments of keywords have the most potential to grow your site?

Understand and predict your growth by focusing on Segmentation

Different keywords have different personalities so they need to be treated differently. Growth-focused marketers know that only by observing the right segments of keywords you can understand and predict your site growth.

Like no other tool, Nightwatch allows you to see how groups of keywords perform and compare to each other by their characteristics. With innovative filtering methods, you’ll know exactly what needs your attention.

Graph preview in Nightwatch
Data control in Nightwatch

Nightwatch opens new doors of perception for growth-oriented marketers.

Nightwatch is an extension of your analytical mind to find the gold nudggets in the aggregated data

See your ranking distribution on a segment

Compare performance of your average rank of desktop keywords vs mobile keywords

Average ranking of Desktop vs Mobile keywords

Compare your unbranded keywords with your competitors

Get valuable insights on the performance of your unbranded keywords with and compare with your competitors

Competitor comparison in Nightwatch

Compare historical performance of keywords

Compare ranking, CTR and traffic performance of a particular keywords and your competitors

Competitor comparison in Nightwatch

Night Vision for Professionals

Nightwatch is a cloud-based search tracker and analytics platform of a new generation. Its core incentive lies in the experience we have gathered through years of working with some of the most experienced SEO experts and growth specialists.

Nightwatch strives to dissolve limitations of existing platforms that lack in flexibility and adjustability when tracking and analyzing big data sets.

Perform Complex Behavioral Analysis and Get Your Answers in Seconds

With its flexible, intuitive and thoughtfully designed interface Nightwatch allows the most demanding users to spot and untap patterns lying behind traffic and ranking data of their sites and their competitors on a big scale.

Dynamic views in Nightwatch

High-fidelity Accuracy, Speed, and Next-Level Data Aggregation

Nightwatch provides you with all the data you need to get accurate insights about your SEO potential and growth.

Our infrastructure allows highly-accurate tracking and data processing on a large scale, which enables you to perform some of the more complex analysis that you haven't seen in other tools.

Data available in Nightwatch

Proficient Visualization

Visualize anything like you haven't seen before.

Visualization in Nightwatch

Powerful Customization

Adjust the tool and reports to show you exactly the data that you want to see.

Customize stuff in Nightwatch

Agency Ready

Everything you need for your agency

White-label Ability

Rebrand the interface and reports for your clients.

Multi-User Access

Create and manage user access for your clients and coworkers.

Powerful API

Access and manage any ranking data using our REST API.

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