Elegant and Customizable Reports, Straightforward and Refined

Create and schedule aesthetically customizable reports for yourself and your clients

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Include all the essential data that you want to present.


Send out reports to yourself or your clients automatically.


Make your company appear more professional with rebranding the reports.

Establish Next-Level Control of the Report Data

Use Nightwatch advanced filtering abilities to create dynamic reports that only consist of the data and keywords that match certain criteria.

  • 1. Specify Dynamic Filters

    Include only keywords that follow a particular trend.

  • 2. Use Configured Segments

    Include any of the existing keyword segments.

  • 3. Create Graphs

    Configure and add custom graphs on the reports.

Data control in Nightwatch
Report in Nightwatch
Report Customization in Nightwatch
Report Customization in Nightwatch

Modify and Customize the Reports

Adjust the data you want to include in the report in a couple of easy steps and smoothly export it in PDF or CVS.

  1. 1. Report Format

    Choose between simple or advanced PDF and CSV formats.

  2. 2. Data Customization

    Select only the data you want to see in the report.

  3. 3. Element Customization

    Enable or disable custom sections on the report.

Take Control of the Flexible Automatic Report Scheduling

Take advantage of Nightwatch flexible report scheduling abilities. Easily set up a schedule and send out reports at regular intervals.

  • 1. Set the Time Interval

    Choose the time when to have the reports delivered.

  • 2. Set the Recipients

    Configure multiple report recipients.

  • 3. Customize the Email

    Personalize the report email.

Report Email in Nightwatch
Scheduling in Nightwatch

All-in-one Reporting Solution for Agencies and Businesses

Use the power of Nightwatch to present your company in the best light to your clients. Nightwatch makes it possible to enable user access to white-label interface accessible from your own domain and create reports with your company logo.

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