Careers at Nightwatch

Become a part of a diverse and progressive team creating next-generation tools for internet professionals

Remote Work at Nightwatch

Our Benefits

Fully Remote

We get work done regardless of the location or time zone.

Flexible Schedule

Use your own schedule you are most comfortable with.


Expand your knowledge by learning and sharing.

Personal Growth

Take responsibility and grow personally.

Talented Teammates

Work with helpful and open-minded professionals.

Team-building Events

Once or twice a year we hang out in nice places.

About Us

Our company was founded in 2014. Rooted in Slovenia and starting small, we’ve steadily been growing ever since and evolved into an international company that creates indispensable digital tools for internet professionals.

We’re a small group of musicians, travellers, surfers, curlers, readers, poets, handymen, gardeners, activists, thought-provokers, mountaineers, crafters, authors, philosophers, cat lovers, explorers, designers, connoisseurs, futurists, and most importantly, mature and hard-working people who get work done.

Great challenges and obstacles are fuel to our motivation. We believe the only way to be able to live a free and content life is by taking responsibility for yourself and your work. Therefore we like to encourage ourselves and each other to grow by creating and (re)evaluating possible solutions, making the right decisions, developing and sharing skills, and looking for the new opportunities where our work can make a difference.

Our company is bootstrapped and break-even since the first year of operation. We don’t spend more than we earn, and we don't waste resources on things that do not matter. We’re in business to stay in business.

Our Culture

Exceptional Work

We strive for excellence in details.

Maximum Autonomy

No task is 100% defined, each individual is responsible for execution.

Taking Responsibility

We do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Creative Thinking

We encourage creative ways of solving problems.

Radical Transparency

Helping each other with all the information helps solving problems faster.

Fast-Moving Mindset

We think big, act fast, and welcome the changes.

Open Positions

Back-end Developer

We are looking for a developer who possesses a solid mixture of back-end skills to help us building and maintaining reliable back-end systems.
Learn more ›

Content & Inbound Strategist

We are looking for an experienced content & inbound strategiest to help us implement a scalable content marketing strategy. Learn more ›

Outreach Specialist

We are looking for an experienced outreach specialist to help us scale our outreach campaigns. Learn more ›

Marketing Manager

We are looking for an experienced marketer to lead and manage marketing activities in our company. Learn more ›

User Experience / Web Designer

We are looking for an experienced UX / web designer to help us improve our interfaces and designs. Learn more ›

Illustrator & Graphic Designer

We are looking for a creative illustrator and graphic designer to help us improve our visual appearance. Learn more ›

Customer Support Manager

We are looking for an experienced, internet-savvy, and empathetic person to help us lead and manage our customer support team. Learn more ›

Customer Support Intern

We are looking for an agile, internet-savvy, and empathetic customer support hero or heroine who is familiar with SEO. Learn more ›

Social Media Manager

We are looking for a well-opinioned and ethusiastic person to help us improve our presence on social media. Learn more ›

Outreach Intern

We are looking for an outreach intern with exceptional enthusiasm and strong desire to grow in the field. Learn more ›

PPC Advertising Manager

We are looking for an experienced person with PPC advertising for Facebook and AdWords (search and display network) with a strong desire to grow in the field. Learn more ›

Front-end Developer

We are looking for a passionate front-end developer with rich experience implementing performant SPAs and with an excellent feel for UX.
Learn more ›

Full-stack Developer

We are looking for an all-around developer who has experience in developing all engineering areas of ambitious web applications.
Learn more ›

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To apply for the position, follow the link below and fill out the form. We require a nicely written and formatted resume and cover letter and links to your previous work (social media profiles are a plus). Tell us why you'd like to join and what you have achieved so far.

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